What is ExtraShield Security Code ?

In a nutshell, Itís a 6 digits random number generated on your mobile phone using our new ExtraShield mobile application. Each generated Security Code is valid only for 50 seconds, which adds a great security layer to your normal username and password login.

How much does it cost ?

ExtraShield is still in beta, so we are offering it FREE of charge. All we ask in return is, Feedback :)

For questions, feedback, ideas or support please contact : support@extrashield.com

How install ExtraShield on my mobile phone ?

Using your mobile phone, go to http://wap.extrashield.com and download the ExtraShield application to your phone, run the application and follow the on-screen instructions:


Choose New Customer, Then choose a 4 digits PIN code, which will be used to open the application on your mobile.

After entering a new PIN code, the application will communicate with the server and registeres a new ExtraShield Mobile ID for you, as shown above.

Remember to keep this PIN code secret and never share it with any one.
ExtraShield Mobile Application will only require internet connectivity during the registration process, you don't need to be connected every time you need to use the application for generating new Security Codes.

How to configure WordPress to use my Security Code ?

After installing the application to your mobile as described above, you'll be assigned a new ExtraShield Mobile ID (i.e., XTSH27197262 as in the above example.).

Now, download the ExtraShield WordPress Plugin from http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/extrashield/ and install the plugin by following the plugin installation instructions.

After Installing and activating the WordPress Plugin, go to your "Profile" page .. There, you can add your new ExtraShield Mobile ID and choose your prefered "WordPress Login Mode" as follows :

Login Mode 1: Login using your Password AND Mobile Security Code. [Recommended]


Login Mode 2: Login using your Password OR Mobile Security Code.


Login Mode 3: Login using Mobile Security Code only.


After adding your ExtraShield Mobile ID and Choosing your desired "WordPress Login Mode", click on the Update Profile button and that's it ! ..

The next time you try to login to your WordPress, you'll have to provide the 6 digits Security Code shown on your mobile according to your Login Mode .. Enjoy !